Salaya Campus Life    

Explore our Mahidol University at Salaya Campus


Mahidol University also offers a good chance for our students to socialise and find like-minded people. Various student clubs in numerous athletic, cultural, religious, and artistic areas are centered on the Student Union Complex at Salaya Campus. A diverse range of social and cultural activities and events sponsored by the University or individual Faculties, Institutes and Colleges are organized throughout the year, ranging from seminars, exhibitions on various academic and cultural themes, to arts exhibitions, to inter-Faculty and intramural student sport competitions. In particular, the College of Music at the Salaya Campus holds regular concerts, including those by world-renowned musicians. Various Faculties, Institutes and Colleges also house student clubs catering to a diverse academic and cultural interests which also arrange activities year-round. 


Many of the city’s attractions including entertainment venues and popular shopping districts are easily and inexpensively accessible by public transportation from the three Bangkok-area campuses.