Mahidol University Has Successfully Cooperated with Finest Med Design Co.,Ltd. For Commercializing "Anti-Drowsy Driving Alarm, (ALERTZ)" 

Nakorn Pathom, 26 May 2016 -- Nowadays, the accident by drowsy driving in logistic businesses is rising to 50% and this is increasing every year. Moreover, an amount of living lost is also growing that may affect to the company by invaluable cost. In ASEAN countries, the loss of drowsy-driving accident is around 4 hundred thousand USD or 14 million THB per year. Consequently, Mahidol University in cooperation with Finest Med Design Co. Ltd. has developed an innovation for drowsy-driver detection (ALERTZ) by investigating human brainwave technique that would warn the driver before they feel asleep. 


Assist. Prof. Yodchanan Wongsawat, (Ph.D.) (Associate Dean for Research and International Relations), Team developer’s advisor, said “Alertz was invented by a group of researchers from the Brain-Computer Interface Center under Biomedical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Mahidol University. In order to achieve its market presence, a group of graduated from Biomedical Engineering Development together with Team Precision Public Company Limited therefore established Finest Med Design Co., Ltd., the first startup company”. 

Dr. Yodchanan also said “Pushing Alertz into commercial is more than opportunity to drive a research into commercial which cooperate between private sector and university. It is the progression of economic development from innovation which conform to Start-up Thailand policy and the government. Moreover, it is a part of promoting biomedical engineering industry and promote the safety of drivers in the transportation sector in the country as well”.

“AlertZ” was specifically designed for those who are required to drive in long hours, particularly truck or public transportation drivers and those who work in transportation and logistics sector. They are more exposed to risk of road accidents caused by drowsy driving. Moreover, “AlertZ” can be widely applied in various occupations that are exposed to high risk such as machine controllers working at an industrial factory. Alertz is now available on the market. For those interested in more details and order, please visit the website “