Leadership Team    

  Jackrit Suthakorn​  

"Here you'll learn to think logically, deal with uncertainty and change, work with technology in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, communicate effectively and collaborate with other bright students, all within a supportive community."

Dean of the faculty

Executive Team

  Warakorn Charoensuk  

Vice Dean for Administration and Human Resources
e-mail:  warakorn.cha@mahidol.ac.th

 Theeraporn Rubcumintara 

Vice Dean for Education and Quality Assurance
e-mail:  theeraporn.rub@mahidol.ac.th

  Kanat Poolsawasd  

Vice Dean for Finance and Alumni
e-mail:  kanat.poo@mahidol.ac.th

  Duangpun Singkarin  

Vice Dean for Research & Academic Services
e-amil:  duangpun.skr@mahidol.ac.th

  Yodchanan Wongsawat  

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and International Relations
e-mail:  yodchanan.won@mahidol.ac.th

  Nuttawan Yoswathana  

Vice Dean for Engineering for Social Responsibilities
e-mail:  nuttawan.yos@mahidol.ac.th

  Korporn Panyim  

Vice Dean for Digital Engineering Management
e-mail:  korporn.pan@mahidol.ac.th

  Sanitta Thongpang  

Assistant Dean
email:  sanitta.tho@mahidol.ac.th

  Ronnachai Sirovetnukul  

Assistant Dean
e-mail:  ronnachai.sir@mahidol.ac.th

Head of Department

  Norased Nasongkla  

Department of Biomedical Engineering
e-mail:  norased.nas@mahidol.ac.th

  Wasaporn Techapeeraparnich  

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
e-mail:  wasaporn.tac@mahidol.ac.th

  Bovornlak Oonkhanond  

Department of Chemical Engineering
e-mail:  bovornlak.oon@mahidol.ac.th

  Konglit Hunchangsith  

Department of Computer Engineering
e-mail:  konglit.hun@mahidol.ac.th

  Phumin Kirawanich  

Department of Electrical Engineering
e-mail:  phumin.kir@mahidol.ac.th

  Supphachan Rajsiri  

Department of Industrial Engineering
e-mail:  supphachan.raj@mahidol.ac.th

  Sarawoot Watechagit  

Department of Mechanical Engineering
e-mail:  sarawoot.wat@mahidol.ac.th

  Supaporn Kiattisin  

Information Technology Management
e-mail:  supaporn.kit@mahidol.ac.th

Head of Academic Division

  Montree Pramcharoen  

Physical and Environment Affairs
e-mail:  montree.pra@mahidol.ac.th

  Prasitsak Pluhom  

Educational Administration Affairs
e-mail:  prasitsak.plu@mahidol.ac.th

  Doungdaw Artameyanunt  

Human Resource Affairs
e-mail:  doungdaw.art@mahidol.ac.th

  Voravee Yoochomsuk  

Academic Technology and Corporate Relations Affairs
e-mail:  vooravee.yoo@mahidol.ac.th

  Chantana Sukrinprom  

Strategy and Budget Planning Affairs
e-mail:  chantana.suk@mahidol.ac.th

  Arunee Jinaka  

Finance and Procurement Affairs
e-mail:  arunee.jin@mahidol.ac.th