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A Message from the Dean

Mahidol University is the oldest, and currently at the highest ranking university in Thailand with the long history from 1888. Mahidol University is a medical oriented university with three medical schools and five medical institutes. Faculty of Engineering at Mahidol University is relatively young though offering a wide range of engineering programs, including, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and information technology management.

Mahidol Engineering is aiming to serve the needs from real applications from real industries based on the country’s policy and the readiness and diversity of faculty members, research and university resources. Therefore, Interdisciplinary research is our key to the success to reach the world class engineering level. Recently, Mahidol Engineering has determined to focus on “Healthcare Engineering” as the leading research and academic topic. While the strategic plan has covered the other three main topics: “Logistics and Railway Engineering”, “Digital Engineering” and “Sustainable Engineering”. All department is sharing these directions toward our Mahidol Engineering’s vision on “Interdisciplinary Research Toward World Class Engineering”.  

Prof. Jackrit Suthakorn​

Dean of Faculty of Engineering